Sandra ~ Calabash, NC

“I had received at least half a dozen massages to compliment chiropractic care following a major car accident. All my muscles have been in spasm for the last four weeks since the accident, not lending well to chiropractic adjustment. While the six massages I received since my accident did deliver some relief of joint pain of shoulder and hip, headaches and back pain, they did not alleviate the need for anti-inflamatory (NSAIDS) and muscle relaxers. I received two, 90 minute long massages from Gabriella and had almost immediate relief of pain. I have no more need of the (NSAIDS) and muscle relaxers. Gabriella demonstrates an extensive knowledge of muscle function. She has an almost intuitive approach to where and how to address muscle tension and discomfort. She has true deep tissue application as well as other techniques. Her calm and angelic energy only adds to her expertise. I would highly recommend Gabriella’s massage work, whether you are seeking relief from pain or injury or simple relaxation.”

Calabash, NC