Benefits of Massage

Receiving Massage offers many benefits. It allows you to be still and let yourself be nurtured, away from the busyness of every day responsibilities. Massage has a tremendous effect on the central nervous system, inviting the brain to communicate with the body, so that the muscles can relax, lengthen and stretch. Neuromuscular techniques additionally aid in this response through the nervous system ~ by squeezing particular muscles, the pressure communicates directly to the nervous system to “let go,” quite literally, and the benefits of tightened muscles loosening is profoundly relieving and relaxing.

Massage also creates an increase in positive energy flowing throughout the body. All stresses take a backseat as your body will feel more free and aligned. Beyond the benefits of muscle relaxation, and the therapeutic effects that massage offers, there is a peaceful understanding of self-love, acceptance, and care. Touch allows us to feel loved, reminds us that we are not alone on this journey of life, and brings us ever more profoundly into our hearts.